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At Havstad Hat Company, fine fur felts sourced from the USA are used in the making of lifetime hats. The higher quality fur felts have a tighter composition of interlocking fur fibers, creating a resilient felt that retains a shape that holds through time and wear, more water/liquid resistance, a shiny soft finish and the resilience and durability to wear hard over time. A high quality felt can also withstand multiple reworkings, including cleaning and reshaping, making it a lifetime quality hat.

10X indicates a felt made of the fur of wild European Hare, a fine western staple. Starting at $415.

50X indicates a Beaver fur/ European Hare fur blend. The belly fur of the beaver is a fine, resilient and water repellent fur that makes for a high quality felt. Starting at $615.

100X indicates a 100% Premium Beaver fur felt, providing a lightweight yet durable and water repellent felt that has a luxurious finish and a lifetime or more of wear. Investing in 100x is investing in an heirloom piece that will be passed on to future generations. Starting at $915.