Hatting and the Wheel of Life

Today I write to you, briefly, spontaneously, and excitedly. It's been some months of personal and creative manifestation of a profound new chapter for Havstad Hat Co. I'll start with how I end, and you decide if you want to read the in between;

Custom Orders will reopen this month, November 2021. Newsletter subscribers will be the first notified when the limited commission spots are restocked here on the website. 

On July 20, 2021, I (Cate Havstad) became a mother. This might be the most mighty act of creation for me yet. Our son, Hesston Thomas Havstad Casad, has been with me in the workshop throughout my pregnancy and now at 4 months old he bounces along to the rich soundtracks of our life, within the walls of the workshop of dreams we built on our farm over the last year.

Soon I will find the might for a longer catch up of all that 2021 held, it's unbelievable all that was accomplished over the last 12 months and all that is coming that I can't wait to tell you about. For now, I come to you with a hello, and a thank you for giving me this time and grace to enjoy the first few months of motherhood fully, a time that only happens once for a woman. I had thought I might be ready to take orders again in September, but I decided I needed this time for us, our family.

I've started to find flow in the hat workshop again, with my tiny assistant, and we are very excited to get to introduce to you soon a new member of the team who is joining us this winter ( not another baby!!) a very talented hat maker who I feel extremely honored to welcome into the shop. 

As with each year before, I enter my 9th year as a hatmaker with vision of how we will evolve and improve as makers and as a business. Moving forward constantly, but this year, I feel quite settled into a pace that is not frantic, not rushed. I'm truly enjoying the moments that make up this life and the journey of being a human being; building businesses, making hats, running a farm, loving my partner, growing the next generation, and moving from a solo act into someone who sees the great potential of partnerships and collaboration.

Custom orders will be reopening this month, November 2021. Our intakes will be limited as always, we take great pride in keeping our production limited so we may build custom hats with great care. Newsletter subscribers will be notified first when the custom commission spots are restocked on the website.

As the days shorten and the sun's strength wanes, I hope you too are enjoying the seasonal shift back inside.

All my best, from World Headquarters in Madras, Oregon.

Cate Havstad Casad

& Hesston Thomas (the tiniest hatter's assistant)

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