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When ordering your custom hat, the first thing you must consider is what type of felt you would like your hat made with. This is primarily what determines the cost of your hat as well as the style of hat you desire. Cate works with 100% beaver fur felts because of their superior longevity, durability and luxurious finish.


The Dress weight felt is used for small brimmed styles only, with a max brim of 3". The Dress weight felt is a 4 oz 100% beaver felt with less shellac mixed into the material than the Western weight felt. The felt is therefore more flexible with a very lightweight feel. This felt is typically used for smaller statured hats, with a maximum brim width of 3” wide with a standard 4” crown. The material is water repellent but because it is only a 4 oz felt it will saturate quicker than an 8 oz Western weight felt. This is a nice, lightweight option for smaller brimmed hats, and for anyone looking for a soft flexible hat. Though I never refer to my hats as “crushable,” the Dress weight is more flexible/malleable.

Black, Charcoal Grey, Granite, Steel, Bone, Camel, Sand, Silverbelly, Silver Mist, Sahara, Pecan, Whiskey, Dark Brown, Natural, Navy, Moss Green, Midnight (almost black, very deep blue), Rust


The Lightweight 100x felt is a 6 oz felt option that is slightly lighter than the Western weight felt, but with a bit more substance and structure than the 100x Dress weight felt. Maximum brim width is approximately 4” wide.


western weight

The Western weight felt is an 8 oz 100% beaver fur felt with more shellac mixed into the fur felt to give this hat body more rigidity and structure than the Dress weight. This felt is tough as nails and will stand up to rain, snow and relentless sun for a lifetime and more. Wider brimmed styles, or any style with a sharp, defined brim shape is best made in this felt. Maximum brim width 5”

Black, Charcoal Grey, Granite, Natural, Bone, Sand, Silverybelly, Silver Mist, Sahara, Pecan, Dark Brown, Whiskey, Moss Green, Steel, Midnight, Navy, Camel, Rust, White, Blue Willow (soft sea foam blue/green), Red, Camouflage, Hues of The High Desert colors 

hight desert

The Hues of the High Desert Collection is a collection of hats that are naturally dyed using plants from the Oregon High Desert region Cate lives in. These hats are made only in 100x Western weight 100% beaver fur felts. Seasonally, Cate harvests plant matter from around Casad Family Farms and surrounding canyons to make color dye baths. Using just the plant matter, Cate achieves unique, soft desert hues that tell the story of the land. Sage, Juniper, Rabbitbrush, Willow, Dock, Oregon Grape and more, these colors stand apart from standard chemical dye colors in their soft earthy tone, and unique variations. Please note that when working with natural dyes and all natural materials including fur felts, there is slight variation from dye to dye. The general hue is always achieved but customers wanting this custom dye must be open to the plant’s unique expressions through their dyes. Maximum brim width 5”.

Juniper, Warm Willow, Clay, Sage, Walnut

*HUes of the high desert collection available in 100X Western weight only


Different felt weights are available in varying colors. Be sure when selecting your felt weight you carefully consider colors to ensure availability.  

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You may choose to have your hat finished with a ribbon bound edge in any of these colors. You may request a matching ribbon hat band in almost any of these colors.

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Feather Holder

Leather & Engraved Brass Feather Holder 
Alicia Renner of Howl Attire
Bend, Oregon

Alicia is a talented seamstress, leatherworker, and designer who I have had the pleasure of working with in a multitude of ways over the last 4 years. Alicia’s designs are timeless and beautiful while often being very utilitarian. The feathers that adorn the hatbands she creates are usually pheasant feathers she hunts and harvests herself. If you have a custom concept, Alicia is usually up for a creative challenge. Be sure to check out the clothing designs she creates in her brick and mortar, Northwest Trading Post in Bend, Oregon.


Beaded hatband by Chela Lujan of Roadside Remedies
Pueblo, Colorado

I met Chela in 2012 through music. Chela is a beautiful musician and songwriter, as well as talented bead artist, mother, gardener and more. She learned the art of beadwork from her mother, who learned from her mother. Her designs are steeped in tradition and meaning. It’s been an honor to collaborate with Chela since 2014. You may request a design seen created by her, or request a specific color way and leave the process of design in her hands. You’ll want to consider the width of beaded band desired, with thin bands being ¾’ wide to a very wide band at 2”. To adorn your hat with a Roadside Remedies beaded band is to wear a lineage of art, tradition, craftsmanship. 

AT Hand leather

Leather hatbands by Steve Coleman of At Hand Leather
Canyon City, Oregon 

Steve is a very talented leather worker and designer based in Prairie City, Oregon. Steve’s hatband designs are beautiful, unique, clean and well constructed. His dedication to quality is obvious in everything he creates. At Hand Leather products stop onlookers in their tracks. Steve and I created the concept of the Hat Lasso together in 2019. I went to Steve with the idea of a hat storage solution for my truck that would secure the hat to the headrest in a way in which the brim would not have pressure on it, allowing it to keep it’s nice shape while keeping my hat out of the way and NOT on the truck dash. Steve tried a few designs and ultimately came up with the Hat Lasso design which is by far, the best car/ truck storage solution for hats. Be sure to check out all of Steve’s leather designs.


I source ribbon from all over the world so there are many colors and widths to choose from. Reference the ribbon color swatch for some color options and consider the width of ribbon that you desire. Widths range from ⅝” to 2” wide. I also offer 2 ply and 3 ply ribbon options for a classic western finish. I prefer to finish off the grosgrain ribbons with a single sided bow, but if you have specific ideas regarding your ribbon hatband just let us know. In addition to the stock options, some customers send in pieces of fabric that hold sentimental value to create a one of a kind fabric hatband. Please let us know if you have a custom idea upon time of ordering your hat. 


fabric Liners


Silk liners adorn the inside of all custom hats. I prefer the silk liners without any plastic covering; the feeling of the plastic on the head is less comfortable. Silk liners are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The lining provides a barrier between the oils and sweat on your head, and the felt. This helps delay the inevitable patina earned through sweat and time. Silk liners can be easily removed and replaced when you decide it is in need of a refresher.

Havstad-ROyal Blue





havstad-forest green


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During the customizing process you will have the option to add a gold foil stamp of a favorite quote or a simple "Handcrafted for NAME" to the sweatband of your hat. In addition, we are happy to have custom brands or logos made into stamps for an additional cost to
personalize your hat even more. 



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Proper care and storage of your custom hat is the only way to ensure the preservation of the shape of your hat. In each custom hat box, a thorough Hat Care card is included in the shipment of your hat with some tips and instructions on proper hat care. In addition to basic hat maintenance, storage during travel is one of the areas where people make mistakes that can shrink their hats, or warp the shape of the brim. Though it’s a tempting solution, the dash of your car or truck is THE WORST place to store your hat during travel. The concentration of direct sunlight makes this area heat up quite a lot, which can cause the felt to shrink up. In addition to shrinkage, when the hat is warmed up it becomes pliable and will conform to the shape of your dash. For anyone with a flat brim or a desire to keep a nice uniform brim shape, storing your hat on the dash is asking for trouble. Here are a couple of storage solutions we have created to save you the hassle of a brim catastrophe. The Fabric Hat Boxes are an upgraded box option that is a lovely and secure tool for travel on airplanes or to stack in a tour van if you travel with more than one or two hats. All custom hats ship in a complementary, sturdy corrugated box which can also be used for travel. 

At hand leather hat lass0


Fabric covered box

Fabric Covered Hat Box
Fabric Covered Hat Box
Fabric Covered Hat Box
Fabric Covered Hat Box


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Our books are filled for the 2022 hat season. Thank you for all your support! We will be opening for a limited amount of custom orders for our 2023 season starting next spring. Follow the link below to join our waitlist and be notified when we open the shop via our newsletter.

Hatting and the Wheel of Life

Today I write to you, briefly, spontaneously, and excitedly. It's been some months of personal and creative manifestation of a profound new chapter for Havstad Hat Co. I'll start with how I end, and you decide if you want to read the in between; Custom Orders will reopen this month, November 2021. Newsletter subscribers will be the first notified when the limited commission spots are restocked here on the website. 

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