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Havstad Hat Company is a custom hat company based in Central Oregon focused on building lifetime quality, heirloom hats using the finest beaver felts made in the USA.

With a background of fundamentals in classic western hat-making, Cate Havstad has been building hats independently as Havstad Hat Co. in Central Oregon since 2014. Each hat is handcrafted from start to finish by Cate. From using the finest beaver fur felts made in the USA, the highest quality sheepskin leather sweatbands, to utilizing hand-shaping techniques and hunting down original hatter’s equipment dating back to the late 1800s, Cate’s approach to hat making honors the history and traditions of the past while incorporating modern day flare into her designs and business.

It all started with an old flat top hat, and a young woman’s search for passion and inspiration.
Many years ago, Cate Havstad was offered an opportunity by friend and songwriter Willy Tea Taylor. Willy Tea was about to embark on a tour of the western United States, playing shows and filming footage for his music documentary, ‘Searching for Guy Clark’s Kitchen.’ He showed up in Santa Cruz, CA one day with an old flat top hat in hand. Willy Tea asked Cate if she wanted to hit the road and assist in filming during the tour. He presented the hat to her, telling her it was her “movie-making hat” and encouraged her to listen to her heart and follow the inspiration that was to be found on the road. The time on the road with Willy Tea, as well as the family of artists and troubadours that they spent time with left a permanent mark on Cate. It was from that trip on that she started her own journey in seeking that which truly inspired her. That hat gave Cate a new silhouette as she embarked on a new direction in her life, and the sentiment behind the hat made it her most prized possession.

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For the next year, Cate rambled around the western United States and Canada with her dog, Charlie. One day she returned home to find that her beloved “movie-making hat” had been chewed up. Devastated, Cate started researching hatters and the process of hat making, hoping to repair her beloved hat. As she learned more about the trade, the process and the few remaining traditional custom hat makers, her interest grew. She sought out an apprenticeship with a Master Hatter and moved to Oregon to pursue the trade. In the mornings she worked in a barn leading horseback trail rides and in her free time she learned all she could about hat making.

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In addition to running her hat company, Cate also runs an Organic, diversified farm with her husband Chris, Casad Family Farms. Due to the demands of the farm, Cate pauses her hat work from May through September each year, therefore months of hat production are October through April. Contact Cate directly if you have any questions about ordering, workshops or gift certificates.

OPENing for


FALL 2022

Our books are filled for the 2021-2022 hat season. Thank you for all your support! We will be opening for a limited amount of custom orders for our 2022-2023 season starting next fall. Follow the link below to join our waitlist and be notified when we open the shop via our newsletter.

Hatting and the Wheel of Life

Today I write to you, briefly, spontaneously, and excitedly. It's been some months of personal and creative manifestation of a profound new chapter for Havstad Hat Co. I'll start with how I end, and you decide if you want to read the in between; Custom Orders will reopen this month, November 2021. Newsletter subscribers will be the first notified when the limited commission spots are restocked here on the website. 

A Moral Dilemma with Social Media: Where do we go from here?

We all know, marketing can be used for good and bad, the difference now is that marketing doesn’t just come in obvious forms of magazines, television ads, billboards and product labels. Our lives are permeated by marketing tools every single day for as many minutes or hours as you spend looking at social media, in addition to the magazines, television ads, billboards, product labels etc. I start to wonder, how many minutes or hours in a day are our minds free from targeted marketing anymore?